1. Hero Side

From the recording Hero Side


I was taught to fight my own battles
Cuz an army at any time could fade away
But now I’ve chosen you to be my hero
Cuz there are just some wars that I can’t take
But sometimes you’re so cold
Tell me I need to know
Could you be the one to rescue me

Can you show me your hero side
When I call will you come in flying
When I’m cowering under fire from all the arrows aimed at me
When I’m filled with my kryptonite
Will your powers come out of hiding
Can you show me everything that you can be
Show me your hero side

I know I’m not the only one with battles
Cuz I can see you fighting every day.
But I’ll be here to tell you you’re my hero
You’ve got me flying high in every way
Cuz you’re stronger than you know.
Your heart is made of gold
You’re someone worth rescuing
Let me show you my hero side
When you call I will coming in flying
When you’re cowering under fire no one knows the arrows more than me.
When they bring out the kryptonite
I will pull you out of hiding
So you can show them everything that you can be.
I’ll show you my hero side.

Can you show me your hero side?
When I call will you come in flying?
Will you walk with me through the fire and all the demons that we meet?
When they bring out the kryptonite,
Our powers will start combining,
And we’ll show them everything that we can be,
We’ll show them our hero side, show them our hero side.
So show me your hero side,
I’ll show you my hero side.