Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie Mathias is an award-winning American violinist, singer-songwriter, and pianist. She has been composing, performing, and releasing music since the age of three; winning her first songwriting competition at age 10. Her expressive voice characterizes her original music and classically influenced piano and violin instrumentals, bringing new life to the styles of Evanescence, Plumb, and Ingrid Michaelson. As the owner of Singers and Strings Event Music, Stephanie is also a successful electric violin cover artist, providing music services for weddings, corporate events, and private parties in the Washington D.C. area in the styles of Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Guys, and Black Violin. 

Stephanie uses her original songs to inspire herself and wants to bring hope to her listeners, no matter what they are going through. She says her latest single, “Lifetime Every Day” is about “breaking yourself open and putting yourself back together.” The song is a kind of culmination of her work to date, capturing a lifetime of navigating mental illness, loss, and growth. Her 2013 single, “Becky’s Song,” was Stephanie’s response to her sister’s attempted suicide. The death of her mother at the age of 18 resulted in the celebration of life captured on “Bring You Back.” And in 2017, inspired by her own healing journey to overcome Anxiety and Depression, Stephanie released her first EP “Fragile” backed on Kickstarter by her friends, family, and fans.

“Lifetime Every Day” is the follow-up release to “Starting Over,” the 2022 Wammie Award winner for Best Pop Song. Written and produced in collaboration with songwriter and vocalist Jarreau Williams, “Starting Over” deals with overcoming tragedy and was inspired by a miscarriage Stephanie suffered in 2020. The release of “Lifetime Every Day” arrives nearly a year after giving birth to a healthy son and appreciating a return to a life with a little more simplicity and normalcy. At the same time, as someone who has been a strong advocate in the space of self-care and mental health, Stephanie is also hoping this song will help listeners who relate to what simple and normal mean for an individual coping with ADHD, which she was diagnosed with earlier this year.

“I realized so much of my mental illness stemmed from my ADHD being untreated,” Stephanie says. “So while I am happy to be more healthy mentally, I have been redefining the things I’ve struggled with and processing what that even means to me as a person. I’ve been so open about mental illness, grief and loss. But those things happen to you, whereas when you have ADHD that is literally who you are. It takes time to overcome the shame that can come with a new label, and fully embrace who I am.” Stephanie knows that she isn’t alone in her experiences, and as with previous releases, she hopes that “Lifetime Every Day” inspires conversation and builds awareness and connection.

Stephanie’s sound and message show her unique strengths of vulnerability and faith. 2018 single, "Your Voice, My Angel” was commissioned for her to write about the experiences of teenagers who have passed away and the lasting impact their young lives make.  In 2020, Stephanie released the single “It’s My Thing,” as a battle cry for women like Stephanie to be true to themselves. And 2021’s single “Blue Diamond Light” was written around the onset of depression and searching for peace when her inner and outer world seemed to be in turmoil, saying, “I realized that I had God-given light inside of me that no circumstance could take away.”

When not performing, Stephanie enjoys volunteering as a local leader in the Women’s Organization of her church and spending time with her husband and 2 children, who are soon to be rockstars themselves.